Phil Quin-Conroy - AMP Advice

Phil Quin-Conroy, AMP Advice

Streamlining the advice process with Open Banking

In May 2023, AMP Advice launched its Open Banking powered ‘Money Management Service’ for financial advisers and brokers in the AMP Advice network. The solution enables advisers and brokers to streamline the advice process by using Open Banking to collect financial information from their clients and provide ongoing additional value through a practice-branded money management app.

Phil Quin-Conroy is General Manager Debt Advice & Growth Initiatives at AMP Advice and has led the project to launch the Money Management Service with Frollo. In this video, he shares his learnings and tips for successfully launching an Open Banking use case.

Chris Malcolm, P&N Group
Chris Malcolm - P&N Group

Chris Malcolm, P&N Group

Learnings from an Open Banking innovator

Building Your Open Banking Business Case

Building Your Open Banking Business Case

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